24 April 2012

D.N.A. Mystery for WEAK13


D.N.A. Mystery for WEAK13

Wolverhampton-based UK alternative grunge band WEAK13 have a mystery which they are desperate to solve. The band have delayed release of their new single titled 'Ammo Dump' as they are currently trying to uncover the identity of a band who has recorded a cover of one of their earlier tunes titled D.N.A. A package was sent to a company called Base Studios  which is a music complex located in Stourbridge West Midlands that the band WEAK13 have previously used many times for rehearsing and recording. The package was addressed to the band and contained two CD's; both of which contained mixes of a track called 'D.N.A.'. The recording was a cover of the song that was originally written by WEAK13 and released via the label ManchesterSound in November 2011 The members of the band were flattered with the cover of their song, however there was no info included in the package as to who recorded it.

“The cover is brilliant, whoever did this has done an excellent version of our song D.N.A., we wish we had some way of contacting the makers and telling them ourselves . The only clue we have was what was written on the CD itself which was “The Minutes”, but we've searched for this band and it doesn't appear to exist. There is an Irish band of the same name but there's no way it was them as they are a completely different type of band to who recorded the song we were sent”.

WEAK13 only know that the track was sent to Base Studios and was posted from the Northwest Midlands because of the postmark on the parcel. Written on the CD itself was the name of the cover version of the WEAK13 song "D.N.A." and also “Sorry if the lyrics are wrong - the minutes”. WEAK13 has spent the past few weeks trying to find the creators with no success. WEAK13 frontman and guitarist Nick J.Townsend has contacted music promoters around the Midlands and within the UK and no one seems to have heard of a UK band called 'The Minutes'.

“It's really an amazing sensation to hear something you've written become recorded by someone else and made with such care, whoever did this has studied the song very well and ensured it's true to the original song we made. They've put on a different slant which is great, we just wish we knew who did it so we could say thank you and give them the credit and praise where it's due. We had a message from someone from the company called Base Studios telling us there was this package for us, when we came down to collect it we were assuming that it would be something trivial but we were astonished to discover that it was from a band who had covered one of our songs. We are assuming from what was written on the CD that the band is called 'The Minutes' but we can't be totally certain of anything right now and we have no more clues”

WEAK13 are interested in any information that can solve the mystery of who is responsible for covering their song D.N.A. which is taken from the WEAK13 album titled 'Live Ammo' released via ManchesterSound in 2011.

“The original song was recorded by Black Country engineer Ian 'Crazy Mule' who was also credited on the parcel along with WEAK13. Our band has been going for sometime now and this is the first time we've heard of a band covering and recording one of our tunes, we'd love to say thanks back by offering them a support slot when we tour again in August”

To contact the band with any info please email or message the fan site on

Music video for WEAK13 titled 'You Don't Love Me'  
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