3 April 2012

How to Turn Your Love of Music into Money

How to Turn Your Love of Music into Money

Most people don't generally get involved in music to make money. Even the most talented musicians and songwriters do what they do more out of a love of an art form rather than for a career, and because of this most people view music as more of a hobby than as a career. Still, the ability to make a living through music is the dream of musicians, songwriters and anyone with a passion for music. It can be incredibly difficult to be financially successful in the world of music, and some areas seem to call more for a degree from a business school than an education in music. It is still possible to turn your love of music into money with a lot of work; here zre just a few ways people have made a living through their love of music.
  • Use a website to promote yourself. Becoming a professional musician and making it your primary source of income is and always has been easier said than done. You can be an incredibly talented musician or singer and still not be able to make enough money to quit your day job. Fortunately, modern technology has provided musicians with a great way to advertise their music and anything else they may have to offer. Many musicians have found great success by promoting themselves with a website or even just a Facebook fan page. With a website, you will be able to offer free downloads of some of your music or keep a blog to let readers know where you will be performing next. The web is far from the only means of advertising, but it's become increasingly popular in the 21st Century. It's also a great avenue for independent artists who don't have a recording contract as it gives them an opportunity to find an audience that they wouldn't have otherwise.
  • Become a songwriter. Not everyone who makes a career in music is a musician. The songs that musicians perform need to be written by someone. While many artists write their own music, many others rely on professional songwriters. You don't need to be a talented musician to be a songwriter; you only need to have a working knowledge of music theory to be able to write and sell songs to musicians. Songwriters also write jingles for commercials and music for television and movies, none of which require regular gigs in a band.
  • Teach music. Many musicians or those who have studied music make their living as music teachers. Some give private lessons to students, while others teach whole classes in schools. A teaching job is a steady, reliable source of income, moreso than being a professional musician. Many professional musicians have to work hard for what they earn, which is often not that much even if they have a lot of talent. Teaching is a much more stable career choice that will still allow you to share your love of music.
While nobody should ever tell you that you cannot make a living as a musician, it is true that it can be very difficult. There are other ways of being involved in music while making money, and this short list only represents a few of them. If you want to know more about music and how it can apply to a career, consider seeking a humanities degree in music. Not only is it an endlessly fascinating subject, but you can learn things that might apply to more career paths than you thought possible.


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