12 April 2012

Wow ....A celebration of the Music, Lyrics and Dance of Kate Bush at the Liverpool Philharmonic

kate bush

Wow ....A celebration of the Music, Lyrics and Dance of Kate Bush at the Liverpool Philharmonic

Thursday 12 April 2012 @ Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BP

Tel: 0151 709 3789

Tickets from £15.00 to £21.00 Doors 7.00pm

‘’I’ve craved for my own troupe of Gypsies, my own show, the chance to take a trip with you’
Kate Bush – 1979

 ‘Wow’ is the brainchild of Liverpool promoter Spike Beecham and sees the introduction of talented Dutch performer, Maaike Breijma. Not only does Maaike share her birthday with the icon, she is blessed with an uncanny resemblance both in her appearance, performance and vocally with the singer.  Maaike is set to astound audiences worldwide, as she sings Kate Bush’s greatest songs and performs many of the dance routines by Kate Bush on stage and in video.

Maaike is backed by a band of top Liverpool musicians and dancers under a production designed by the team that brought you Lord of the Dance.

Since the release of her debut album, The Kick Inside in February 1978, Kate Bush has toured just the once, performing 25 shows across the UK and Europe in April and May 1979. Despite this fact Kate’s albums are still as popular today as they were upon release, her new album, 50 Words for Snow, went straight into the top ten of the album charts.

The first live date of Kate Bush's one and only tour started in Liverpool in 1979. “Kate’s fans have waited over 30 years to see what we believe will be the next best thing to the real thing. It seems only fitting to launch the show in Liverpool” says promoter Spike Beecham.

Maaike was first brought to Spike’s attention after a close friend saw her perform as Kate Bush at a festival in Belfast. Being a massive fan of Kate Bush he was intrigued and made contact last year.  Coincidentally two industry insiders had also recommended him to Maaike, one of which was the late Sam Jones from the 02 Liverpool Academy.

“I'm really looking forward to playing in Liverpool. I've actually never been in Liverpool other than for this project, but I’m working with all these talented people from the City which has already given me plenty of good memories” says Maaike, whose own musical tastes range from Sigur Ros to Joni Mitchell. Although pressed to choose her favourite albums, Kate Bush’s The Dreaming is up there with The Beatles White Album and Blue by Joni Mitchell.

So why Kate Bush? “There's various reasons. Not only do I love her songs musically, but each and every single one of her songs tells a story, either humorous or cruel or witty or intelligent and I love bringing these stories to life. Furthermore I've always loved the magic of the theatre and dancing and dressing up, and this project gives me the chance to combine all those things”
So what can we expect from the show? “While we're still in the rehearsal process it's a little bit of a guess which songs will be my favourite to perform, as they might be different from the ones I love most to sing at home or to listen to. I'm really looking forward to performing Breathing, Them Heavy People and Army Dreamers. I won't say anything more about the set list though.” Says Maakie.

“It was important to me that this show was treated as if I was putting together a show for Kate Bush and our idea of what we believe Kate Bush would have done with the songs she never performed live. We have an amazing live band, taken the elements of dance we found in videos and from footage of Kate's one and only tour and used these as a basis for some newly choreographed routines.”

“We have also brought high production values to the show and will enhance Maaike's performance with video, lighting and set design. As well as providing a stunning vocal performance and elements of dance, Maaike is also a musician and will play piano on some of the songs in the set” adds Spike.

 Exclusive performance and interview for Liverpool Live TV

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