24 May 2012

Dark Horses To Headline A Rare Show At Electrowerkz

Dark Horses

Dark Horses To Headline A Rare Show At Electrowerkz

Mummy, what are Dark Horses? Good question. Maybe we should ask Serge Pizzorno from Kasabian to answer this, for he’s never going to forget his first introduction to the band in a hurry. Now is he?

Little did Serge Pizzorno know that when he pressed PLAY on his Cape Town tour bus CD player to first listen to DARK HORSES, that before the song was over he would be surrounded by two armed response team’s, pushing revolver’s in his face demanding him to stop this ‘disturbing and unholy clamour’... consequently the band toured with the Kasabian on their last UK tour, which also included 2 nights at Wembley Arena.

Fronted by Swedish siren Lisa Elle, a holy communion of Grace Slick and Siouxsie Sioux, Dark Horses are a leather-clad, neo rock outfit, whose name is proudly emblazons upon their black motorcycle jackets… gang chic style, along with the band’s motif… the mysterious red pyramid and the all seeing eye.  Dark Horses come across as Stooges meets the Manson Family, mixed with Andy Warhol’s Factory art collective. And this only fuels the band’s mystique. Whatever the fuck they are. All you need to know is… Dark Horses mean it.

Dark Horses will perform at the Electrowerkz on Wednesday 13th June’12
Where they will present their own unique blend of Banshee’s guitar invocation, mixed with an healthy dose of Krautrock. Having already done tours with both Kasabian and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in the not too distant pass, this will be a night, I promise you won’t wanna miss.
The band’s debut album will be released in the autumn by Last Gang Entertainment. It was recorded in Chicago’s Key Club studios with Richard Fearless from Death In Vegas.

The event also features a performance from Stockhausen student and current Brian Eno collaborator: singer songwriter artist

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