30 May 2012

E.P. review - Matchstickmen - A change in Season

Matchstickmen - A change in Season

Matchstickmen - A change in Season The review

Matchstickmen have announced that they will release a brand new EP titled 'A Change In Season' in July.

The EP is intended to help tide fans over until the band releases their next full length album which is expected to be sometime in 2013 and we were able to review it before its release and here is a run down of the tracks and our thoughts.

Comes in 3's - 
The opening track to the E.P. is brooding,raw and dark. Love the thick guitar sound from 
Peter Donnelly and singer Lewis Wright' vocals are even more gruff than usual which makes the track even more atmospheric. A great intro onto the rest of the E,P.

Distored Lullaby - This track has an Immediate riff that hooks you from the outset. It reminded me of the track "Night train" by GnR as the track with a gorgeous guitar solo mid song and an ecstatic beat through-out. Lead singer, Lewis Wright, vocals complimenting the track very well. Its definitely my favourite one on the e.p.

Not knowing - Time to bring the pace down a little with this track. A gorgeous opening with the guitar slowly played until the Lewis' vocals come in. This shows the diversity of this band with his vocals sounding the complete opposite of the other tracks on the E.P.  

Lead balloon - A mid tempo track not the strongest on the E.P. but once again showing the versatility of the band as a whole and lyrically it makes an impression with its heart-felt words

Make mountains - A drive down the road, with the roof down an the music blasting type track. A screeching guitar throughout the track dragging it through like a willing banshee. Once again the guitar solo is immense in this track an the rythmic drum beat has you nodding your head in blissful rock-god type way with lead singer ending the song in a gut wrenching scream

Give in to me - Michael Jackson cover. Ok on hearing this was on the E.P. i was a little dubious. Its not one of the best MJ songs ever but lyrically I can see what the appeal was. This does compliment lead singers singing range and provides a good  spin on a song that many may have not heard of before. I would have preferred it maybe a little heavier to give more of a stark contrast to the original. The end does though, build up to a great crescendo with lead singer screaming "Give in to me" alongside the glorious guitar playing.

Overall this is a well produced album and will keep the fans going until their next album. They have certainly improved upon their last album which, in itself, was excellent. Will be good to see these new tracks performed live.

Matchstickmen are also set to tour the EP in the UK with six dates lined up starting with a show at The Tatton Arms, Altrincham on July 14 and finishing up at the Rock The Lakes Music Festival on August 19.

Matchstickmen will play:
Sat Jul 14 - Tatton Arms, Altrincham
Fri Jul 20 - Bowling Green, Bolton
Fri Jul 27 - The Talbot, Burnley
Sat Jul 28 - The Swan, Wilmslow
Sat Aug 04 - The Krazyhouse, Liverpool
Sun Aug 19 - Rock The Lakes Festival  

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