31 May 2012

Misery Lake - The Seven Deadly Sins - E.P. review

Misery Lake - The Seven Deadly Sins

Misery Lake - The Seven Deadly Sins - E.P. review

These guys are a four piece Edinburgh based band which consists of Alex Moran (vocals and harmonica), Euan Moran (lead guitar and vocals), Kev Turner (bass guitar) and Nic Ross (drum and vocals).

The Seven Deadly Sins have already had some great success. Since their debut on the Scottish live circuit in September, the band has supported some great acts such as The Damed, Glasvegas and Elliot Brood. They have played and headlined several of Edinburgh and Glasgow’s most acclaimed venues such as Liquid Room, The Captains Rest Cabaret Voltaire as well as a number of Scottish festivals.

Within months of forming, The Seven Deadly Sins received and invite to record three singles with London-based management company, The Animal Farm, and they began recording in the capital during summer 2010.

The opening track of the E.P "An accident waiting to happen" certainly grabs you by the scruff of the neck obviously influenced a lot by punk, the song crashes and bangs its way through, exploding into your ears and certainly makes you want to smash something. Which is in stark contrast to the second track "Yesterday" (no not The Beatles one!) This was more a light-hearted affair with a gorgeous strumming guitar and heartfelt lyrics which  contrast the joyous uplifting feel of the music with lyrics like "I loved you yesterday, yesterday ain't today" it also has a very Stone Roses feel to it. "Misery Lake" on the other hand is far more morbid and depressing affair. Dark and soul-destroying in its sound. The Misery in the title is used to full effect in this track. Not one for the "happy" people out there I'm afraid. But the band pull it back with another punk influenced track on "I hate the smell of a rat" not dissimilar to the first track in its approach, its riotous guitar and stomping drum beat adding to the full effect of the track.

Over-all this is a good E.P. it does what it intends to do and that's make you want to hear more from the band. I would definitely go and see them live based on this sample. 

The E.P. is out on the 1st June 2012

Go to their website or their Facebook page to listen to their music and to be kept up-to-date with the latest news and gigs.

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