5 May 2012

Music Festival Packing Tips

Music Festival Packing Tips

Depending on where you call home, summer may feel like it has already arrived. Other areas may not be so lucky. Nevertheless, music festival season is just around the corner and rain or shine, it definitely pays to be prepared to have a good time.
Festival attendees range from working professionals to students on break from programs such as those listed at and packing lists vary accordingly. Let us just assume that if you are camping, you would already pack the basics such as waterproof tent, sleeping bag and extra pairs of underwear. From there, consider the following essentials and enjoy the show:
  • Water/Sports Drinks/Powdered Gatorade Most shows have you standing in the hot sun for hours while showing your allegiance to your favorite band. Between the elements and your general enthusiasm, it’s important to stay hydrated. Water is an obvious choice while sports drinks will also keep you full of electrolytes. In the name of packing space, powdered Gatorade is easy to shove in your backpack and mix with the water you get your hands on while you’re there.
  • Sun Protection If there is one truth we all know, it is that cloud cover is a master of deception. Spread on the SPF and never be far from a hat to protect yourself from the token festival sunburn. Sunglasses are also a must if you hope to more than squint your way through a show. 
  • Rain Gear Wet clothes are never fun to put on the next day. Stay warm and dry in your poncho and you won’t miss one song because you are running for cover.
  • Headlamp A headlamp will become your new best friend during midnight trips to the bathroom, cooking at dusk, or searching the tent for your sweatshirt on a cold evening. You will not regret the hands-free illumination.
  • First Aid Kit You never know what could happen. Have one on hand for yourself and others just in case. 
  • Toilet Paper Never trust that there will be enough for everyone. Always bring your own stash. 
  • Snacks It never hurts to carry around a granola bar or some trail mix to snack on between acts and meals. If you can’t bear to miss the show to grab a bite, spare yourself from fainting by having some sustenance on hand.
  • Baby Wipes It cannot be stressed enough how fundamental these are. Skipping showers is standard on the festival scene and wipes are a genius alternative. Freshen up before letting loose. 
  • Comfortable Shoes Make your way around the grounds without your dogs barking. Also, you may want to protect your toes from zealous fans or have the proper footwear if the skies decide to open up. 
  • Money Belt Keep your drink close and your money closer. Your I.D., cards and cash stash away nice and close with a money belt under your clothes. All too often, personal items in the form of a purse or wallet go missing if within the wrong arm’s reach. Feel free to party with your personal items close at hand. 
The list of necessities does not end there. Your trip will be all that much more enjoyable if you also capture the memories on your camera, bring along blankets and chairs for maximum comfort, and above all – you can never have too much duct tape. If after the festival circuit has run its course you find yourself searching for what is next, learn more about online courses to kick off the fall. 


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