9 May 2012

MusicMafia presents....Doll Rats

Doll Rats

Doll Rats UK tour 2012

The Bristol based band Doll Rats originate from England and the Middle East and they have embarked on their UK tour with dates across May and June which we’ve listed below.Having already played Have played Moles, Bath. Louisiana, Bristol. Camden Barfly, London. Buffalo Bar, Cardiff. Monto Water Rats, London and many more already.

But obviously you want to hear them before and after, which is why they’re selling  their debut EP - ‘This Isn’t California’ – at their shows (and only at their shows at the moment), and why we’ve got some embeds for you. 

The first is the video for ‘Sex is a Drug’, but it features a lot of appropriate imagery, so best not view it at work (unless you work for a drug overlord or something). Next we’ve got ‘Your Soul and Mine’ via Soundcloud. Both tunes are accomplished example of the classic British indie sound.

1st May - Buffalo Bar, Cardiff
3rd May - The Porter, Bath
4th May - St James Wine Vaults, Bath
5th May - Monto Water Rats, London
10th May - Furnace, Swindon
16th May - Croft, Bristol
22nd May - The Garage, London
25th May - 12 Bar, Swindon
28th May - Kasbah, Coventry
6th June - Troubadour, London
22nd June - The Soundhouse, Leicester

All DOLL RATS tour dates can be found on their facebook page though please see and you can also keep up to date with news and additional dates on their

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  1. Songs that literally get stuck in your head! Loving all tracks but Ali and Fraser and This isn't California, oh yeah and Your Soul is Mine also Sex is a Drug are favourites. Can't wait for what comes next!