15 May 2012

MusicMafia presents....Scarlletta


MusicMafia presents....Scarlletta

‘One’s to watch for 2012…Punch proves pop has been waiting for Scarlletta,’
Popoganda, Feb. 2012

‘The London band return with their much awaited energetic and anthemic EP,’
Music Now, March 2012

‘Females are ‘in’ right now. They are running the world. Scarlletta is the epitome of what makes
women so powerful: Her attitude, her style, her energy on stage… She captivates every audience,’
LA Weekly (Gig Review from March 15th)

The singer and her band have just got back from their six shows in Los Angeles and seem ready for anything. There they met their mentor and producer Adam Moseley whose credentials include timeless and iconic bands like The Cure, Transvision Vamp, Roxette and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs to name but a few. He claims he sees something in Scarlletta. They are on their way. The songs, the image and the motivation and work ethic of the band left him in awe of them. Every penny Scarlletta has goes towards touring, recording, and most recently into flying to the States to meet new people and break out of their comfort zone. ‘We don’t have a label or investment but we are doing the same things as those bands and artists who are backed by millions. We travel, play amazing shows, record with the best production team we can find. We aren’t going to wait around for a label to pick us up to get somewhere.’

Scarlletta put together her own band in the Summer of 2010. ‘I never liked to sing to backing tracks,’ the lead singer explains, ‘For me it was always about live music. Even though I wanted my music to be dancey, upbeat pop I didn’t want to be the same as every other female singer. Music needs to be live and have an edge to it for me to love it.’ 

After releasing their debut EP Sinful the band made it to the Semi Finals of primetime music programme Must Be The Music and wowed the show’s judges Jamie Cullum, Dizzee Rascal and Sharleen Spiteri (of Texas). The show’s aim was to find real musicians who wrote their own music and who performed live and to give them enough exposure to take them to the next level. ‘Sharleen seemed to completely understand what we were about. She saw us as a new, edgy Texas and was very inspiring.’ No more than a month later the band filmed an episode for Sky 1’s hit show Louie Spence’s Showbusiness (broadcast worldwide) which led to the band being featured on BBC Radio 1’s The Chris Moyle’s Show.

In February of 2011 Scarlletta won the UK National Finals of The Global Battle of the Bands and
were flown to Malaysia to perform at KL Live in Kuala Lumpur where the likes of Muse, The Deftones and Evanescence have previously performed. The band were featured on Astrohits the Malaysian equivalent of MTV) and were so popular they were asked to be featured on Hitz Fm and Mix FM two of the biggest radio stations in Malaysia.

In October 2011, after a summer of touring some of the UK’s biggest cities, Scarlletta were chosen to headline Rockwood Music Hall’s CMJ Showcase in NYC. The band flew to the States and played six shows, showcasing new material and a preview to their second EP Punch.

Punch exhibits Scarlletta’s lyrical finesse. Do It Better, a song about cheating on a boyfriend who doesn’t satisfy in bed, shows her mischievous and coquettish writing at its best, ‘Will you please me/ Come on tease me/ Do it better than my man/ Are you bigger? / Are you thicker?/ Do it better than my man’ Punch, the EP’s title track, shows a darker and more mature side to Scarlletta, ‘It would take your heart to fail you blood to stop to see yourself/ All of your mistakes the shit you put me through will be haunting you…'Not A Man You’re A Mess' is similarly dark with a cutting of irony. Scarlletta describes the unpleasant reality of living with a drug addict in the song’s prechorus, ‘Weren’t home til 6am/ Nasty pleasures in your mind…Drank yourself to sleep good/ Sniffed to stay up all night/ All night.’

Punch will be released worldwide on the 30th of April 2012. After promoting the EP’s release in the UK, the band then plan to work on new music in Los Angeles with their new found mentor Moseley. The band were recently chosen to perform alongside CSS in Culture Collide (California)

in October this year and plan to tour China and Japan in 2013. ‘I’m sure there are lots of bands out there who would have given up already. Very slowly we are making our mark. We can’t wait for what comes next…’

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