22 June 2012

Eric's Liverpool new shows including Wolfsbane, Glen Matlock and Turin Brakes

Eric's Liverpool

Eric's Liverpool new shows including Wolfsbane, Glen Matlock and Turin Brakes

Eric's,  9 Mathew Street, Liverpool L2 6RE

 Doors 7.30pm - Box office 0151 236 9994

...Jason and The Scorchers...The Beat...The Travelling Band...Turin Brakes...Twisted Wheel...Wolfsbane... Submotion Orchestra...Sandi Thom...Glen Matlock and The Philistines ...Dan Baird...

Jason and The Scorchers
Friday 28 September
Box office 0151 236 9994
Tickets £14.50 from Ticketmaster

Jason and the Scorchers, originally Jason and the Nashville Scorchers, are a cowpunk/country rock formed in 1981 and led by singer/songwriter Jason Ringenberg.  With the release of Halcyon Times, Jason and The Scorchers have accomplished an extremely rare feat: almost 30 years into their career they have made a rock ‘n’ roll record every bit as dynamic and mind-blowing as their vintage work. Very few rock bands can make this claim. Jason & The Scorchers can, they should, and they do.

The band’s story essentially starts in the late 1970s. Warner E. Hodges, the son of country musicians Blanche and Ed Hodges, was living in Nashville after his dad’s retirement from the military. Warner had played drums as a boy for his parents’ USO bands. He knew country music inside out. However, as a teenage rebel, he got hooked on early AC/DC and the first wave of punk rockers, waving that flag with high-decibel pride. In Nashville’s schmaltzy country pop atmosphere of that time, he stood out like a pig in a perfume shop.

The Beat – rescheduled date
Friday 5th October
Box office 0151 236 9994
Tickets £15 from Ticketmaster

Formed in the working class suburbs of industrial Birmingham in 1978. The Beat arose at a time of high unemployment and social upheaval and from the outset the band offered messages of hope and peace with an insight into socio-political topics would later alongside The Specials see them heralded as forerunners of the whole 2-Tone Ska movement. Ranking Roger and Dave Wakeling led with vocal duties while Andy Cox and David Steele took guitar and bass duties with Everett Morton supplying the most distinctive of drumming styles.

The Travelling Band

Saturday 6 October
Box office 0151 236 9994
Tickets £7.50 from Ticketweb

The Travelling Band return to Eric's. The Travelling Band’s shimmering blend of cosmic-country-pop, understated psychedelia, vocal harmonies and nu-folk has made them one of the most talked about artists to emerge from the Manchester music scene. Pitched somewhere between the heartfelt U.K. Americana of London's Grand Drive and the dry, sardonic take on the genre of St. Albans' the Broken Family Band. They formed in 2006 and made a minor ripple two years later with their debut album, Under the Pavement. A democratic approach to songwriting, similar to that of their predecessors Teenage Fanclub,  ensured that the individual craftsmanship of multi-instrumentalists Adam P. Gorman, Jo Dudderidge and Stephen Ballinger was clearly represented on the New York-recorded release.

Turin Brakes
Saturday 13 October
Box office 0151 236 9994
£17.50 Ticketmaster

Often compared to Coldplay and Travis, Turin Brakes were an English, folk-inspired duo that hailed from Balham, London. Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian were friends in elementary school and decided to try out for the cathedral choir because it would perform in front of the Queen of England, which it eventually did. The two aspiring musicians, influenced by a unique range of artists that included Sebadoh, Truman's Water, Prince and the Black Crowes, formed a band and recorded their freewheeling jam sessions. One of those sessions became their first release, The Door EP, which was released on Anvil in 1999.

Twisted Wheel
Tuesday 16 October
Box office 0151 236 9994
Tickets £9 from Ticketweb

September 2012 sees the long awaited return of Twisted Wheel. The band embark on their 23 date ʻDo It Againʼ tour starting in Coventry on 19th Sept and finishing in Eric’s, Liverpool on 16 October. Having spent the last few months recording the new album, the band are very excited to get back on the road. The ʻDo It Againʼ UK Tour will feature all the fan favourites and plenty of new songs from the soon to be released album.

Twisted Wheel were formed in February 2007 in Oldham. First things first…Twisted Wheel are not named after the legendary Northern Soul club of the same name (though they are aware of it), are encyclopedic about their musical heroes and recoil at the thought of being pigeon-holed as a ‘northern band’. They are, however, one of the most exciting young British guitar bands to emerge in recent years. . With a fan club including Noel & Liam Gallagher (how often do they agree on anything?), Paul Weller, Shaun Ryder, Ian Brown, Kasabian, they’ve been attracting the attention of the great and the good from their earliest incarnation.


Friday 19 October
Box office 0151 236 9994
Tickets £13 from Ticketmaster

Original Line Up’s October 2012 UK Tour confirmed following rave reviews for new  'Wolfsbane Save The World' studio album. The original line up of mighty British Heavy Metal band Wolfsbane, who reformed in 2011 to record their first studio album for 17 years, ‘Wolfsbane Save The World’, released in January 2012 to huge acclaim, have confirmed a nine date October UK tour.

‘Wolfsbane Save The World’, the group’s effervescent, hard driving, melodious, hard riffing, joyous, totally uplifting fourth studio opus, is, to put it quite simply, the album the band always threatened to make, but never actually achieved.

Wolfsbane burst out of the Midlands in the mid 80’s, signed to Rick Rubin’s Def American label in 1989, built up a massive following of (self-titled) ‘howling mad shitheads’ (HMS) and released three raucous albums before imploding in 1994, when singer Blaze Bayley joined Iron Maiden. None of the producers on the band’s 3 earlier albums was ever able to harness Wolfsbane’s unrelenting live sound onto a studio album – even including Rick Rubin himself – but, 17 years on, the band themselves have done it. ‘Wolfsbane Save The World’ was recorded, engineered and produced by guitarist Jase Edwards at his studio ‘Majestic Splendour’, where he has produced a number of ‘name’ bands in the past.

Submotion Orchestra
Wednesday 24 October
Box office 0151 236 9994
Tickets £10 from Ticketmaster

Formed in Leeds in 2009, the band quickly made a splash on the scene, with their live gigs leaving audiences open-mouthed, and their debut EP on Ranking Records drawing raves from everyone up to Radio One’s Gilles Peterson, while their now-legendary weekly residency at the tiny Hukaz Bar in Leeds gave fans the unique opportunity to see the band create new material up-close and personal. Festival gigs at The Big Chill, Latitude, Outlook, Bestival and many more followed in 2010, and their debut album is currently being completed.

Sandi Thom
Friday 2 November
Box office 0151 236 9994
Tickets £12.50 from Ticketmaster

August 27th 2012 welcomes the hotly anticipated release of Sandi Thom’s new album ‘Flesh and Blood’. This her 4th studio album was recorded at Nashville’s legendary 16 Ton studio with celebrated Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson in the production hot seat. It is the sophomore release from Sandi's own independent label Guardian Angels Records with distribution handled by Universal Music Group.

Even before her debut album, Smile… It Confuses People was released in 2006, preceded by a single, I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker, 22,  Sandi Thom was a phenomenon. The record company called her “the first webcast signing in major record label history” and she became the overnight internet star who won a global audience and a megabucks handshake thanks to her investment in a £60 webcam. Needless to say, the story goes a little deeper than that.

Glen Matlock and The Philistines – rescheduled date
Saturday 3 November 
Box office 0151 236 9994
Tickets £15 from Ticketmaster

Glen Matlock is an English bass guitarist most famous for being in the original line-up of the punk rock band Sex Pistols. Drummer Paul Cook has said that Matlock came up with much of the music for the band’s songs, while lead singer Johnny Rotten came up with the lyrics. Matlock is credited as a co-author on 10 of the 12 songs on Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols. He also continues to make his own records and tour with various bands, including the Sex Pistols.

Matlock rejoined the original Sex Pistols members for reunion tours in 1996, 2002 and 2003, and again in 2007 and 2008. He played bass guitar and sang for a time in the bands The Philistines and The Flying Padovanis. He toured with a loose collective of punk and post-punk stars, Dead Men Walking, which included Mike Peters of The Alarm, Kirk Brandon of Theatre of Hate and Spear of Destiny and Pete Wylie of Wah!

Dan Baird
Sunday 16 December
Tickets £15 Box office 0151 236 9994/  from Ticketmaster

Dan Baird was born in San Diego, California. The American singer-songwriter  is best known as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist from the chart-topping 80s rock band The Georgia  Satellites which he formed in 1980. Runka-runka, three chords, and a cloud of dust. The Georgia Satellites were one of the most ferocious bands of the Eighties, and what set them apart from the other 10,000 groups that cranked their amps to 11 was that their wild riffs and tanked cries came from a quartet that understood its place in rock tradition and fought hard to solidify it with each recording. They only lasted for three LPs and a handful of EPs and odd tracks (some of them really odd), but as Let It Rock: Best of the Georgia Satellites shows, they expanded forever the limits and the promise of what a band could do with those three chords (well, sometimes only two) played harder than ever before.
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