1 June 2012

A Junior Boy's Own special @ Erics Liverpool

Junior Boy's Own

A Junior Boy's Own special @ Erics Liverpool

Farley and Heller
Support from Andy Carroll and Rob Harnetty
Saturday 1 September 201210 till 4am -  £10 Tickets,door 0151-236 9994

Farley and Heller take control alongside Andy Carroll and Rob Harnetty. " We are really excited to working with Eric's and bringing two of the most respected DJs and remixers in the music industry to our launch event. Their Junior Boys Own label is one of the respected labels in the industry and Terry Farley and Pete Heller the London based DJs are delighted to be playing their distinctive sound in Liverpool expect an evening of pure House music of the highest quality" says Mestura promoter Derek Hazell.

Although prominent house DJs and producers individually, London-based remixers Terry Farley and Pete Heller enjoyed their greatest notoriety working as a duo. They first surfaced in the early '90s as part of Andrew Weatherall's Boy's Own collective, making their debut with a hugely popular remix of the Farm's Groovy Train; hits for Espiritu ‘Francisca’, Sunscreem ‘Perfect Motion’, K Klass ‘Don't Stop’ and Secret Life ‘As Always’ followed.

Farley and  Heller also earned wide renown when their mix of M People's ‘Open Your Heart’ topped Billboard's club charts in 1995. A year later they reunited to assemble a two-disc entry into the Journeys by DJs beatmix series, with their own ‘Ultra Flava’ 12-inch appearing at much the same time. In addition to working under the own names, Farley and Heller additionally recorded as Roach Motel, an outlet for their more underground projects; they also joined producer Gary Wilkinson in the lush garage techno trio Fire Island, as well as teaming with Weatherall and Hugo Nicholson in Bocca Juniors. Their other pop remix projects include work with U2, New Order, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Kylie and Pet Shop Boys.

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