14 June 2012

MusicMafia introduces Singer/songwriter Harrison


MusicMafia introduces Singer/songwriter Harrison

Meet 21st Century girl, Harrison, full of promise and a ‘Do it yourself’ work ethic indicative of the current climate of UK music.

Singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, self marketer and merchandise maker Harrison is testimony to a burgeoning scene of young musicians who self manage and direct the course of their music  careers, with the gusto that artists even twice their age lack altogether. With a large online fan base, Harrison is set to release a string of self-penned singles in coming months, she explains:
“Singles are what I should be doing right now. Life’s moving at a quicker pace for everyone. But when I do an album, I’m going to make it a film too, a story where one track leads to another and you have to listen to the whole thing.”

Harrison is 20 now. She has her first physical single, “Over Exposure”, due in September, 1 million YouTube hits, a fashion line and an album recorded when she was 16 to her name, and collaborations and connections from Frankmusik to Perez Hilton. But this seemingly glitzy start is the result of fierce independence and self-belief. She has refused management and publishing deals to pour her own savings into doing things the way she thinks is right. Her upbeat pop songs are rooted in emotional hardship and solid experience gained from Edinburgh to LA’s slums. Vulnerable but with a steely stubbornness, she is a pop star who has paid dues the latest X Factor puppets don’t know exist.

Harrison is not your average musician. Playing piano, with impressive vocals, she also designs her own jewellery and costumes, a true creative force. This Scottish lady is driven by ambition and a genuine love for her art. Her first single ‘Exposure’ will be out on September 10th, so look out for more live dates between now and then.
Check out Harrison’s cover of Spectrum by Zedd for a taste of things to come:

Floripa, Shoreditch – Wednesday 25th July 2012
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