13 June 2012

So Many Animal Calls Interview

So Many Animal Calls

So Many Animal Calls Interview

Formed as a three piece in late June 2010, So Many Animal Calls  quickly set about writing.  The result was their first EP “Your House Is A Hospice” which recieved positive, and unexpected accolades from bloggers and friends alike. On the strength of the EP they were able to play shows alongside The Xcerts, Make Sparks, Trapped In Kansas, Penguins Kill Polar Bears. The EP was labelled many things including math-rockesque, emotional-punk and simply indie but they label their music, the all encompassing term, failpop.
We got a chance to Interview the band after playing the main stage at this years Rockness Festival
So guys, can you tell us where the name "So Many Animal Calls" came from?
There is a band in Washington called 
Q and Not U and they had a song called "So Many Animal Calls" and basically this is who we wanted to sound like when we first started out so we decided to go with that.
Is this your first major music festival gig?
This is our first festival full stop! We have been lucky enough to play at the very first festival we have been to and its amazing. The food they have served us with has been out of this world! We had a choice of what day to play also and decided on the Sunday due to Biffy Clyro playing!
How did it feel to win the Daily Record competition?
We couldn't believe it! We were up against 9 other bands who were whittled down from 100's of bands that entered so we were just glad to get down to the semi's. We never expected to win! Its really great to know someone likes the music you're making and to be given the chance to play that music on such a vast arena.
So,now you've played the main stage at a major festival, how did it feel? 
It was insane. We could hear people chanting the lyrics and bass line. Obviously, for the first couple of songs we were pretty nervous but by about song 3 we got into the whole experience and really embraced it.
So what is next for So Many Animal Calls?
Well we have a mini tour of Scotland from the 11th-14th June and we haven't done a string of shows for a while so its kinda good that we have been dropped in the deep end and the experience of playing Rockness will only help us. We play Glasgow on the 13th and we are supporting "The Carnivores" who have been a great help in giving us tips etc and they are a pleasure to tour with. We also have a few gigs in September coming up but we are also busy writing new material
And finally, in 6 words, describe the band.
Oh god that's difficult. Erm ok..Greggs Sausage Rolls (we counted this as 3),aggressive,pop and Burritos! 
So Many Animal Calls are joining Overlook Records to release their follow up EP, due summmer 2012, and debut single ‘Traps’ was released on the 14th of Febuary. 

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