25 July 2012

MusicMafia introduces Velvet Code

Velvet Code

MusicMafia introduces Velvet Code

Velvet Code is not just a man, he’s a sound and an attitude that has been years in the making. Now ready to release feisty debut “Get Outta My House” this September, Velvet Code encapsulates the attitude of city life.

Velvet Code was critically acclaimed after rapidly making his mark on the music world with 5000 hits a day on Myspace, alongside two other musicians. Five years later Velvet is ready to unleash the new sound to eager fans.

Having spent six years in New York City, Velvet Code is now based in the busy beating heart of London and involved with the ever-burgeoning dance music scene, performing in exclusive clubs such as Whisky Mist.

Whilst popular influences such as David Guetta and DeadMau5 can be heard in the Velvet Code sound, his infectious lyrics and electric live performances are what separates him from the crowd. Inspirations such as Freddie Mercury and Lady GaGa are easily seen in his energetic live act.

‘Get Outta My House’ is a confident debut, which packs bark and bite in equal measure, with driving beats and a refrain which is undeniably satisfying when sang aloud. Velvet Code playfully explains the sass behind the song:
"Why is it that after a good first date that someone thinks they can just bring their suitcases into my house and move in with me? Do I look like a bed & breakfast? I don't think so! Get outta my house!"

Get Outta My House is released on – September 2012. Listen here:

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