23 July 2012

The Mexanines to release debut track Shimmer

The Mexanines

The Mexanines to release debut track Shimmer

Dirty, big and loud – The Mexanines release the explosive debut track ‘Shimmer’ on 20th August 2012. The single has already been picked out as Q Magazine’s Single of the Week in August.

Who are The Mexanines? We have - James Brander giving everything on guitar and vocals, delivering the filthy bass Elliot Roper and Rory Senior making the noise on drums. They got the band together in a History lesson at comprehensive school in Halifax some years ago. Important things first, what to call the band was obviously top of the to-do-list. Elliot explains “I found the banking term ‘Mezzanine Finance’ used by Halifax bank – as that’s where we are from – and we were just pissing about on MSN firing names back and forth at each other and James mis-typed Mezzanine as ‘Mexanine’ and that was it – it just stuck. So yeah, what can I say - the name comes from a mis-typed banking term.”

Once they got down to the act of making music it all just fell into place and what came out is, as James describes, a sound which is “fucking massive for a three piece”.  The band writes by simply just jamming together – they have strong old school values when it comes to making music, Rory describes “ We get in a room work on verses, the chorus’ and those riffs and just fix something together…it just happens.”

The year has already seen recognition for the band when The Mexanines were a unanimous choice at the Musicians Benevolent Fund Songwriting Awards. They impressed some of the biggest names in the business, walking away with the main award of the night – Songwriter of the Year. The band was first spotted playing third on the bill in some Leeds bar – however true to his style Alan McGee just happened to be in the room. Whilst feedback was still ringing through the amp he was already on the phone telling people that if Creation was still going, this band would now have a deal.

However, with world class producers banging on the door wanting to get their hands on the debut album job the future is looking pretty massive for the Halifax three-piece. But the band takes it all in their northern laid back stride, “We just have a passion to get that spark out there” explains Elliot “Getting on stage and playing – it’s what we were built for.”

You can catch them delivering that mesmerising spark at the following places:

The Cockpit, Leeds – 28th Jul / Jubilee Club, Barfly London – 10th Aug / Leeds Underground, Empire,
Leeds – 22nd Aug / This Feeling, The MacBeth, London – 29th Sept

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