20 September 2012

Allegro release their debut album "Forever" this October


Allegro release their debut album "Forever" this October

In October 2010 it was all happening for Allegro, described as the band that could have been, Allegro were famous for their haphazard, energy fuelled, sweaty anarchic shows that supported the likes of The Holloways, Reefs, The Towers of London and the Motown icon that is, Martha Reeves – to name just a few.

After playing a sell out support at the 02 and getting attention from their local radio stations it looked like it was going to happen for them (whatever that means).

They had built up an interesting cult of followers from indie kids, beer boys, posh-chicks with daddy issues, drag acts to fugitives could all be seen loitering on the premises of wherever Allegro were playing. They were all outsiders who until Allegro came along hadn’t fitted in elsewhere but now were all part of the Allegro Army - and it all kind of snowballed from there.

Unfortunately after signing to a minor label for a pittance the album was delayed and delayed until the band eventually split. That was the end - with the record label still owning the right to anything Allegro.

After a long struggle Allegro have finally been given permission to release the album and what could be more punk than releasing an album that can’t actually get anywhere because the band are no more!

It should have been heard and now here it is.

Austin the singer songwriter had the stage presence and wrote the tunes to match in abundance, Mark the three and a half fingered guitarist could play any instrument he could get his hands on, Ian the drummer was the reincarnation of Keith Moon on drums and added the rock n roll edge, tunesmith Dan knocked out killer riffs on keyboards along with Jay the Bassist, they all added something to Allegro in their own different way.

The album was recorded and mixed in just four days on a budget of only £1100, recorded partly off the bands own backs, it could be up there as one of the great British debut Albums. It’s the voice of youth and not giving a f**k, about wanting to get out from your surroundings and believing you just might.

Austin the lead singer says “I just wanted to put on record how much fun being in Allegro was… it’s a great album, it was a wonderful time and I hope whoever stumbles on it enjoys it as much as me”.

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