29 October 2012

Brooke Sharkey – releases debut album ‘One Dress’

Brooke Sharkey

Brooke Sharkey – releases debut album ‘One Dress’

Native Londoner Brooke Sharkey spent her teenage years in France. As a child she remembers singing The Beatles in the back of her Dad’s mini, and her influences remain mostly as 30s to 70s artists, citing Billie Holliday, Edith Piaf and Bob Dylan as her influences, as well as Joanna Newsom and Lhasa more recently.

On return to England, her father, a working musician himself, confided in Brooke the best piece of advice she's ever had: to try her first songs out by busking.

From that day Brooke has indeed busked; around Europe and Central America, played gigs in Moscow and New York, has toured Germany and France gathering a loyal fanbase that helped fund her debut album via online pre-sales.

One Dress was recorded at Livingston Studios, apart from two songs – My Apple and Our Ways. Brooke was always keen to record live, and the album took 6 months to take on its current elegant form.

Throughout 2012, Brooke played at numerous UK folk festivals and can still be found on a Sunday busking at Columbia Road Flower Market in East London as well as gigging regularly with other musicians in the Capital’s vibrant community.

Of her album, she says “One Dress came together very naturally. I had met a few of the musicians that are prominent on the album either at festivals, regular venues in London or busking at the flower market.”

Brooke Sharkey’s lyrics are emotional ponderings about relationships and life, its struggles and indeed its glories. Words and melodies contain hauntingly poetic imagery strongly influenced by her time spent in France and her keen passion for travel, flitting between chanson and traditional English folk with a plethora of genres fused in-between.

Leading up her album launch on Wednesday 5th December at St Pancras Old Church, London, Brooke is touring France in October, the West Country in November and is currently preparing a full UK tour for March 2013.

October – French shows
27th, Festiv’art, Amiens 

November – UK shows
1st, The Revelry, Exeter
2nd, Inside Out, Sidmouth
3th, The Grapevine, Exmouth
6th, The Golden Lion, Bristol
8th, Porters Wine Bar, Hastings
11th, Onetaste Festival, The Bedford, Balham, London
15th, Pegs + Pans, The Vintage Emporium, London
18th, Glad Residency, The Gladstone, Borough, London

December – album launch
5th, St Pancras Old Church, Pancras Road, London


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