24 October 2012

MusicMafia's Dave Richards presents Lydia Baylis

 Lydia Baylis

MusicMafia's Dave Richards presents Lydia Baylis

Lydia Baylis is a twenty-something, well-spoken, Chelsea-bred singer-songwriter backed by a degree in history from Oxford University. That's rarely an introduction that you expect to write about a pop artist who's played some of the biggest clubs on the indie scene in London as well as the ultra-hip Camden Crawl.

Lydia seems able to captivate her audience with a mix of strong vocals, some slightly darker lyrical content and an endearing personality. Her degree in history has had a clear influence within her music, some of which draws on historical stories that have then been built into longer narrative tracks.

Her music is a mix of pop music (for people who don't like pop music), fuelled by passionate reverberating electric guitars and sweeping harmonies. Performing with a full backing band gives her live performance a presence that is often lacking in solo singers.

The newly released, 'Into The Water', showcases Lydia at her darkest - a song reminiscent of the likes of artists like Lana Del Rey and Daughter. That said, the lighter end of her vocals could also be compared to that of Dido and Carly Simon.

It's a sound that has caught the attention of the likes of Ian Pickering, who has worked with Sneaker Pimps previously, as well as New York based label and production team Crispin Thump.

Lydia regularly makes trips across the pond to collaborate in their New York studio and write new songs, such as the soon-to-be-released 'White House', which, according to Lydia, was written about a Victorian murder. History may not be the most common theme in most people's music but it seems to work for Lydia.

Article written by Dave Richards

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