30 October 2012

New Contributor David Richards brings us the North London band Daughter


New Contributor David Richards brings us the North London band Daughter

To date, it seems fair to say that Daughter has been a sensation. Hailing from North London, the three piece LoFi outfit have managed to create a worldwide stir off of the back of a couple of EP's - playing the likes of David Letterman in the US, touring worldwide and

The band are currently finishing up their debut album and have just released the track Smother - the first glimpse of this new album.

It' a delicate post-rock track with the usual simple chord structures and riffs that Daughter have become known for, patched together with the haunting vocals of Elena Tonra and unplugged electric guitar sound that made The Wild Youth EP so successful.

Smother wrenches at the heart-strings with it's melancholy lyrical content and sublime notation. This though, is a band that doesn't shy away from tough songwriting, with tracks like 'Medicine' from The Wild Youth EP discussing alcoholism and Youth about the breakdown of love.

The track opens with a beautifully constructed verse: "I'm a foolish fragile spine. I want all that is not mine. I want him, but we're not right. In the darkness I will meet my creators. And they will all agree that I'm a suffocater."

It's this level of lyricism that has given the band a cult following, regular radio airplay and tons of hype off of the back of only a few small releases.

Article by  David Richards

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