1 October 2012

Promethee - The fire will rise... Soon


Promethee - The fire will rise... Soon

Born in the spring of 2008, Promethee is a five-piece of hardcore/progressive/metal band burning heavy riffs in the heart of the Swiss metal scene.

After only a few months of writing their first songs, these guys, based in Geneva, started to play as many shows as they could, gaining allready loads of local support from bands, friends and promoters, before to release a first self-titled EP in 2009.

Slowly but surely the band found it's own personal sound in order to record a full-length album. Promethee doesn't have a perticular political, religious, philisophical message of any kind, but writes about the things that touches and effects them in this world and through their lives with the music they create.

This fall, the band will released its debut album, "Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes" out on october 13th in CD edition.

Pre-orders are directly up on Promethee's E-store and the video for the song "Banner of lies" is available right NOW

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Next gigs

 10/13 @ Nouveau Monde // Fribourg (Switzerland)

10/18 @ Contretemps // Geneva (Switzerland)

10/19 @ Sommercasino // Basel (Switzerland)

10/21 @  Shamrock // Brussels (Belgium)

10/26 @ L'Accueil Froid // Amiens (France)

10/27 @ Sedel // Luzern (Switzerland)

11/10 @ L'Usine // Geneva (Switzerland)

11/30 @ Warmaudio // Lyon (France)

12/08 @ Caves du Manoir // Martigny (Switzerland)

12/21 @ The End Festival // Moudon (Switzerland)  

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