29 October 2012

Radio 2 DJs star in music video by The Lights

The Lights

Radio 2 DJs star in music video by The Lights

This year has seen The Lights build on their breakthrough with their debut album Teenager of the Century. Featuring the breathless but faultless vocals of Liz Sheils, these moulded with a blend of lush harmonies and musicianship that has become the hallmark of the Lights. Festival offers rolled in last year at the same rate as rave reviews of the debut leaving the band with a clutch of new admirers in the media and on the live circuit. A whirlwind twelve months for the band has been capped with the news that Integrity Records offered the band a single deal to release the track. 

The Gavin Monaghan produced Teenager of the Century saw the band burst through the doors and onto the floor of the national media stage. A whirlwind of a twelve months saw the  band invited to play an exclusive Q Radio set for Caroline Beavon, gain single support from Radio 2’s Janice Long and 6 Music’s Chris Hawkins and Days Don’t Get Me Far Enough away also appeared on the radar of Radio 2 Head of Music Jeff Smith as a pre release earlier this year.

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A stunning mix of light and shade, Teenager of the Century effortlessly switches vocals between Liz Sheils and Shaun Kelly and delivers brand of folk pop that dazzled radio and print press resulting in numerous BBC local radio session offers and an amazing year was capped when the band were invited to play the BBC Club late last year for an industry showcase. 

Days Don’t Get Me Far Enough Away is available on all major download sites and video will be distributed via the Fastrax network. 

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