5 November 2012

Pop Princess Kamaliya hits number One in the music week club chart


Pop Princess Kamaliya hits number One in the music week club chart

Pop Princess Kamaliya is reaping rewards from the radio success of her club hit ‘Butterflies’.  The single, after being a smash hit on the dance floor from Paris to Berlin, and having notched up over 33 million views on Youtube, has found its way to the victorious #1 position on Music Week’s Club Chart this past week.

The pop starlet and former pageant queen (who has just wrapped filming a movie with Hollywood stars Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia)gushed:

“I believed that winning the Mrs. World Pageant in 2008 was the greatest achievement of my life so far but that has been far out-stripped by the amazing news I just received!  I am number 1 in the club chart!  A dream has come true and I feel so very blessed!”

Consolidating on the success of ‘Butterflies’, the pop artist continues to build her brand world wide with licensing deals for the single in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France. Negotiations are also underway in Russia, USA, Korea and Japan.

Music and film are not Kamaliya’s only talents. The popstrel was also named ‘Face of Russian Day’ at the House of Chanel at the Vendome in Paris.  Chanel had Kamaliya perform to the fashion elite as well as using her song “To Love” as the promotional song for the event.

Kamaliya has enjoyed a great amount of success in 2012 and 2013 promises to see her star rise even further, providing a bigger platform for this promising new pop talent.

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