1 November 2012

The Mono LPs - New Single Released - Die A Little Death

The Mono LPs

The Mono LPs - New Single Released - Die A Little

As you may already know, the brand spanking new single 'Die A Little Death' was released last Sunday for download on iTunes at the modest price of a mere 79p! You’d be mad not to back the The Mono's efforts to chart by bagging a copy and coaxing any friends and family to follow suit :)

Whats more, you have the chance to win a very special one-off Super Lambanana, made to celebrate this week's single release of ‘Die A Little Death’.

To enter the draw, email and put "The Mono LPs" and your full name.

If you still haven't found us on Facebook, feel free to follow the link below and extend a 'be-friending' request.

The Mono’s  next show is at Eric's Bar just off Matthew Street on the 9th Nov. supporting the lovely and luscious Sandi Thom (8pm) so get down there for a boogie if you can and spread the word! Its promising to be a great show and we hope to see you there!

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