29 January 2013

Lanre wants to sing live in YOUR living room


Lanre wants to sing live in YOUR living room

Lanre is looking at booking her first Living Room Tour!

The tour will run from February 8th to April 13th

Imagine a mini concert in your front room with your friends and family? YEP! Lanre is looking for people who would like her to come to their houses / venues and perform a very unique personal set for them.

You invite your friends and family (willing and listening audience from about 10 people upwards) and I will bring my guitar and another singer and songwriter along. You get to ask questions between songs we get to talk about the idea(s) behind each song.  Lanre will introduce you to the music I like and you will introduce your friends Lanre’s my music?
exciting, right?!

If you are interested in Lanre playing in your front room please email :  LANRE@LANREWORLD.COM

Lanre will let you know what dates are available and what dates best suits you from February the 8th to April the 13th (we can arrange another date outside these dates if none of the dates suite you)

The show can be advertised beyond your immediate friends and family, but PROMISE Lanre will never give out your address to anyone or put it on the internet, and will allow you to vet anyone else who wants to come along.

We look forward to seeing your lovely faces and meet your friends somewhere along the way.

To see what to expect visit go to :

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