15 January 2013

MusicMafia presents California based Alek Fin

Alek Fin

MusicMafia presents California based Alek Fin

Alek Fin - a Thousand Oaks, California based electronic musician and producer
'Waiting Like A Wolf' is off Alek Fin's 4-track 'Mull EP', released on December 1st.

The 405 described it as "four tracks of delicate, spaced-out vibes - you know, that minimal electronic aesthetic that cleanses your soul. Not too dissimilar from Thom Yorke's more left-field shenanigans."

Pigeons and Planes said of it "the negative space is one of the most important elements, and leaving that room to breathe allows the songs on this EP to unfold like scenes in a movie. In only four songs, all under six minutes, the EP swells, sinks, floats, and erupts with a finely-tuned consciousness."

He also recently received his first UK radio play via Radio 1's Phil Taggart.

Influenced by the likes of Nicolas Jaar, Flying Lotus, and James Blake, Alek Fin got his breakthrough with a winning entry for Philip Selway of Radiohead's "Beyond Reason Remix Contest". He has another fairly high profile fan in the guise of Jay-Z, who featured 'Waiting Like A Wolf' on his Life+Times blog. 

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