16 January 2013

My Lucky Fish release debut album 'Best Thing'

My Lucky Fish

My Lucky Fish release debut album 'Best Thing'

My Lucky Fish formed in 2010, originally a duo of friends David Mark Smith and Rachael Schoellen who started writing their first tracks despite polar-opposite musical styles. They met playing church music together and began their independent journey with a small garden party show in Northern Virginia. A 7 year-old girl – Vanessa – sat enraptured for 2 hours while the pair ran through their set.  At the end, she came up to David, and in a heartfelt gesture which remains with the band to this day, said; "I love your music and I want you to be happy and successful for your whole lives.  I'd like you to have my lucky fish"; and she reached into her pocket, and presented David with a green plastic toy fish.  And so a band, and a brand, was born.  David still carries the little green fish to every gig, and you'll see a photo of it branding their website.

David, 40, is originally from London. Singing and playing guitar was natural for him from a young age, his roots borne from influences from Iron Maiden, to Guns n' Roses, to The Cult, to Metallica, and later to Green Day, Blink 182 and All American Rejects.  Starting the band and collaborating with Rachael was his first true songwriting partnership.

Rachael was raised in Canada with family roots in the Netherlands.  Preferring the beach she moved south, spending time in various parts of the US from the south, to the west, before finally settling on the East Coast in northern Virginia.  Aside from her killer vocals, Rachael is an accomplished pianist who was raised in a musical family.  She's a professional photographer by day, and is inspired by artists such as Sara Bareilles, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and the Civil War.  She also "reads a ton and knits", and can roll her tongue.

Rachael introduced David to drummer friend, Ricky Furr.  One of the best in the business, it set them on a path to a really well-engineered and produced album. Ricky brought in Shenandoah University student and wicked bass player Tom Graham to lay out those funk grooves you can here on ‘Best Thing’.  Meanwhile David enlisted the help of good friend Doug Sharpe, a veteran of the California rock scene to finalise the line-up.

Debut album ‘Best Thing’ took a total of 15 months to record and evolved as each new band member made their stamp on it. It also includes John Terrell soloing on 'Butterfly' (John would later end up mastering the album too), Jeremiah Shaw of the Juilliard School, on cello for two ballads, 'Catch Me When I Fall' and 'Change My Mind'.

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