27 February 2013

Blackbird and the Storm release debut single Broken Wings

Blackbird and the Storm debut single Broken Wings

Blackbird and the Storm release debut single Broken Wings

Blackbird and the Storm is the work of London and American West based solo musician/singer/artist/filmaker Marie-Juliette Bird.

 Blackbird and the Storm's debut single ‘Broken Wings’ is taken from a 12-song album, 'Songs For A Drowning World'. The album is a conceptual project exploring the relationship between nature and humans. It samples crickets, toads, wind, rain, thunder, lightning, hummingbirds, songbirds and wings-in-flight,  mixed alongside musical instruments and Marie-Juliette’s intoxicating voice.

The result is a new sound where life and earth weave a sensual, melancholy music.

The project was spurred by a desire to create original music, seeking inspiration from the source of melody: birds.  The project's concept was part-inspaired by an article on  the demise of the cuckoo, a bird that has featured heavily in human culture.  Now endangered, this bird is disappearing, along with many others, as a result of human effects on the planet.

These themes carry the current of the entire album.  ‘Broken Wings’ also expresses an uplifting fragility and beauty that mirrors the essence of human relationships as well as the essence of nature as a whole. The single's chorus, 'All our broken wings, they will be healed by love', voices an antidote to despair.

The video for ‘Broken Wings’ was written and directed by Marie-Juliette and shot on Super 8 last summer in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Like many areas of the American West, this area recently suffered major destruction from wildfires believed to have been fueled by global warming.  Additional found footage was contributed by locals who had personally experienced the wildfires and who had captured these disasters on mobile phones or video cameras. As with the song, the video’s themes are of the natural and human worlds merging; destruction of a wildfire mirrors the violence of a fight between lovers and the healing element of rain coincides with reconciliation.

Throughout the project, birdsong - and the interrelationship between nature and humanity - create a moving theme and portend great things to come from an up and coming talent in Marie-Juliette Bird. 


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