2 February 2013

E.P. Review - One Last Night - The Preventers

The Preventers

E.P. Review - One Last Night - The Preventers

Straight out of the heart of Cumbernauld The Preventers are a 6 piece pop/rock/soul band who are hitting the Glasgow music scene in a big way.

With they main influences being Elvis and Paolo Nutini it was a must listen for me. So it was with much eagerness that I sat down to listen to the two tracks "One Last Night" and "Irreplaceable love" and I wasn't disappointed.

The first track "
One Last Night" is a rip-roaring explosion to the ears. As soon as I heard the opening bars I was tapping my foot. Now I could see why their influence came into play with a mixture of both Elvis and Paolo Nutini in full effect right down to the the stuttering end (you can almost imagine Elvis swaying his hips and legs and girls screaming) The gorgeous country blues style guitar and the addition of the saxophone only add to the glorious track.

In stark contrast "Irreplaceable love" is a slow country/western style track which shows off lead singer Sonny Leto's vocals. Opening with a grand organ it almost feels that you are there to listen to a sermon and when the raspy, gravel-like vocals of Sonny come in to break the tranquillity of this it makes you sit up and listen.

The two songs go to show the versatility of this band and definitely make you want more. If there is an album in the pipeline, I for one cant wait to hear it!

The Preventers will be hitting the road soon with there 1st gig outside of Glasgow on the 16th Feb 2013 in Edinburgh at Cab Vol. They will be playing gigs across Scotland and a few in England in 2013 so watch out for them coming your way.

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