4 February 2013

Uni Music League helping students break into the music industry

Uni Music League

Uni Music League helping students break into the music industry

UNI Music League (UML) kept the momentum rolling last Tuesday night with a fantastic follow-up to the week before last’s opening event. Eight bands from across the UK competed for their place in the quarters and what outstanding acts they were. Rapidly distancing themselves from the usual disappointment of ‘Battle of the Bands’ competitions, UML have found a number of elements to keep crowds coming back.

The four acts that made it through couldn’t be placed under one genre if your life depended on it. A ska/rock band from Bournemouth, a hip-hop act from Portsmouth, and a bluesy rock band from London make it a fitting mix-up for a competition hosted in the world’s most cosmopolitan city. And as if that were insufficient, the final act to go through take fusion music to the next level. Recently featured on BBC Radio 6 Introducing on a number of occasions, with a special mention from Tom Robinson, Shama Rahman and her band combine cultural and musical influences from across the globe. They have played over 40 festivals worldwide, and won praise from BBC1 and BBC6 DJs Michelle Hussey and Gilles Peterson. This is the kind of aspect separating UML from similar competitions, the depth and scope of their dedication to support truly original and outstanding musical talent.
And how the people love it. Crowd testimonials came flying in as people jumped at the chance to shout praise into the camera crew’s mics. Spilled drinks and dance-floor mishaps were forgiven as 2-4-1 beers and student deals kept nitro levels at a maximum throughout. Also noteworthy are the mini photography exhibitions on show at each event, providing both the smooth-talker a way in and the victims of not-so-smooth a way out. The audiences thus have all their senses catered to from the get-go, freeing up the space for the notably friendly atmosphere to be soaked up by all present.

This week sees the penultimate event of the showcase rounds, with another eight bands seeking to get one step closer to an EP at Metropolis Studios. Among them is the amazing Kickstarters, a band from Southampton University that is already well under way to establishing their name across the country, with mentions from MTV online already. They recently performed at Hyde Park as part of BT’s London Live Olympic Festival, alongside the likes of Roots Manuva and Scouting for Girls. They’ve also been played on Tom Robinson’s BBC Radio 6 show, whilst their track ‘Keep Breathing’ featured as the entrance music on Sky Sports to a professional boxing match.

So set your TV to record whatever Tuesday nights have on offer (it’s 2013, you should know how to do this by now) and be sure to get down to PROUD Camden to take part in this event.

Tuesday February 5 at Proud Galleries Camden 7pm

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Shama Rahman - Reflections - music video from Anthony Willis on Vimeo.

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