1 March 2013

Kate Nash releases New Album 'Girl Talk' on the 4th of March 2013

Kate Nash New Album Girl Talk

Kate Nash releases New Album 'Girl Talk' on the 4th of March 2013

Kate Nash launches her third album ʻGirl Talkʼ on the 4th of March 2013 at St Martins Lane
in London.

The celebrity-packed event will usher in the platinum selling multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriterʼs highly anticipated new work.

The musical powerhouse was celebrated in 2008 with the highest accolade in British
music, taking home a Brit Award, famed for her pop song, ʻFoundationsʼ, which highlighted Kateʼs unparalleled knack for songwriting and genius lyricism. 

Of the new album, which was written on the bass guitar as it has more of a raw punk feel,
Kate says, “Itʼs definitely a pop record, but has a new sound and feel to it. I played bass in
a punk band called The Receeders for a couple of years and I love how powerful playing
bass and using my voice like that made me feel. ʻGirl Talkʼ is full of colour, pop harmonies
and melodies, and I feel like my voice has matured and that I can do more with it. Music is
my escapism and vice, and my life is in every song. I always write from an honest place
and canʼt wait to share the next chapter.

The album is “a mission statement of what itʼs like to be a woman”, Nash continues, “I feel
very feminine and that being a girl is important to me

A bold and passionate album, Girl Talk serves as a mission statement about what it's like
to be a woman. “Working with an all-girl band has been incredibly liberating as well as
being brilliant fun. I really believe in women being able to be whatever they want to be. We
don't have to be one dimensional. I can be sensitive. I can be angry. I can do a song that
is screaming and then add a backing vocal that is really sweet. I've never been one thing.

The accompanying videos for ʻGirl Talkʼ echo the strength of females found in Tarantino
films, namely the video for ʻDeath Proofʼ, which was inspired by the same named
Tarantino film. “I greatly admire how Tarantino empowers women.”

The 15-track record will delight Kateʼs fans and invite a host a new music lovers to the
British indie pop rocker. The full album was recorded and mastered in LA with the
Grammy Award winning producer Tom Biller.

1)Part Heart
3)Death Proof
4)Are You There Sweetheart?
7)Oh featuring. Siobhan Malhotra
8)All Talk
9)Conventional Girl
10) 3AM
11) Rap For Rejection
12) Cherry Pickinʼ
13) Labyrinth
14) Youʼre So Cool, Iʼm So Freaky
15) Lullaby For An Insomniac

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