2 March 2013

MusicMafia presents Written in Waters

Recording their debut release under the watchful eye of Jaime Gomez Areliano, Written in Waters have not only crafted a unique, intelligent sound; but have masterfully tanslated this into a captivating live performance.

Described as a force that can only be experienced live, it is only a matter of time before Written in Waters will share their ethereal sound with you.

"Think Kate Bush meets Devin Townsend. Think Team Sleep. Think of The Cinematic Orchestra meeting Animals As Leaders in an art class given by Jackson Pollock. Now forget all of that and think only of Written in Waters. Their sound is unique, but with massively evident influences from so many different places. A music lovers dream. A genre definer's curse.
Sonically jaw dropping vocals fly over a backdrop of intense intricacies, musical lines weaved into a matrix of sound that lifts and soars around your cerebral cortex."
- Anthony Giles, Brighton Noise

"The headliners for this sold-out show are Written In Waters, an impossible to pigeon-hole band merging gothic with gospel, via progressive 90s pop. The front-woman is immediately endearing, and her vocals are as hard to define as the overall music. Imagine Heather from M People raising the dead under a moonlit sky, and you’d be close. The orchestral, haunting music is lifted by a vocalist who put so much emotion into each track that she’d be forgiven for passing out afterwards."
- Jessica Marshall McHattie, Brighton SOURCE

"Combine a couple of spoonfuls of prog rock and jazz, add a sprinkling of indie and just a pinch of metal. Mix thoroughly and serve with a generous measure of operatic vocals. The Brighton based five piece cite an eclectic range of genres and musicians as influences and after a year of practising are eager to show the world what they can do."
- Sara Loiperdinger, HOUND Magazine

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