17 March 2013

New York band The Idyllists release new Album

The Idyllists’ latest record, The Grave and Unfortunate Life of Lord Hoffway and His magnificent Piano (Talking Bird Entertainment; March 12, 2013), could not be more

The Idyllists spent three years and two acclaimed albums making what one writer called
“crisp, breezy Britpop” infused with “jaunty optimism.”

British vocalist Ian Webber and his American bandmates toured the country—from New
York’s CMJ Festival and Austin’s SXSW. They became a fixture in their adopted hometown of Los Angeles—with headlining, high-profile residencies at the Hotel CafĂ©, the Viper Room, and the late Spaceland. They gained an extensive international following—with singles featured across the media world, from television series (MTV’s The Hills, CW’s One Tree Hill) to advertisements (Volkswagen). 

Then, everything changed.Relationships ended. Day jobs were lost. Families were started. Bass player George Mohler moved to the Bay Area to take a job. Barge moved to New York for graduate school. After countless hours on the road, life was at an impasse, even if the band was never more cohesive.

In the winter of 2010, Barge migrated to LA from New York for the first time since
relocating. The duo set up a small studio in Webber’s Laurel Canyon apartment for
recording demos. There, over a series of winter storms, they wrote what would become
the core of The Grave and Unfortunate Life . . . .

Over three major recording sessions, co-producing with engineer Daniel Dempsey, the
Idyllists tackled friendships dissolving, lives spinning apart, and uncertainties about the
qualities of lives crafted.

The Idyllists’ The Grave and Unfortunate Life of Lord Hoffway and His Magnificent Piano
captures the confusions, concerns, and angst of trying to find the right life, or just a good
life—and the uncertainties, insecurities, and regrets that go along with it—with
tremendous musicianship, sharp melodies, and unwavering honesty

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