9 March 2013

Paradigms release debut E.P. The Long Way

Paradigms The Long Way

Paradigms release debut E.P. The Long Way

Paradigms are a flourishing duo from Dorset: Steve Beck and Lee Ditcher, who met in 2007. Lee and Steve have been involved in a number of bands and music projects over the years, Lee mainly as a guitarist and vocalist and Steve, playing different instruments including piano and bass guitar and working as a producer for different bands. Their current incarnation, Paradigms, came to be in 2011.

Paradigms create a fresh, varied range of sounds, inspired by many different genres and artists and by their own love for experimenting. Steve has always taken inspiration for songwriting and production from bands such as Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails and Pink Floyd, while Lee draws a lot of influence from the contrasting sounds of Radiohead, Muse and even The Beatles.

With a number of differing tracks already written, many created using electronic instruments, Lee and Steve experimented with a more stripped-down sound using an acoustic guitar and piano. This created 'The Long Way', an emotional building piece with powerful guitar-driven rhythms.

In January 2013, Paradigms signed with Bournemouth-based Red Dragon Records Ltd and prepared to launch 'The Long Way EP' – a collection of four tracks incorporating distinctly alternate tracks.

With great interest being shown by the public prior to the February 2013 release, Paradigms have immediately started work on a second batch of material. With more ideas consistently flowing out they will continue to take inspiration from the music around them to create new, thought-provoking tunes with strong, emotion-bound lyrics.

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