11 March 2013

Threshold Festival 2013 - Review

Threshold Festival 2013 - Review

Threshold Festival returned for it's third year at the weekend, and this year, as promised, was bigger and better than ever. Held in the Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool City Centre, which is now synonymous with all things arty, it was the ideal area for this grass roots multi arts festival.

With an opening night full of fire and aerial artists including Iosis Aerial Acrobatics, quirky music acts, acoustic sets and a few excellent bands, including, "The Tone Puppets" who excelled in Furnace, thanks to their strong vocals and rock bass lines and the brilliant, "Fidel Afro" who provided an enegrtic set in Elevator that combined 90's indie rock with a whole lot of punk rock, especially with. "Soul Hit". Best song of Friday night had to go to them, with the minutes before named, "Arr Aye Lad", which was laden with gutiar riffs Noel Gallagher would be proud of.

All in all, it was a great taster of what we could expect over the rest of the weekend.

Saturday, was a massive line up of many musical genres, from soul to folk to the lovably eccentric "Paddy Steers Three Pronged Audio Band", who provided a very surreal set of psychedelic jazz, once they'd managed to get their bass clarinet sorted out and how the saxaphone player managed to play with his giant papier mache head on deserved a round of applause for that fete alone. 

Also on the Saturday cards was Mobo Winner and Liverpool's very own Esco Williams, whose flawless vocals traveled across the Paper Garden room in Camp and Furnace, accompanied with a full band, he transfixed the audience with a polished performance, especially with "Just Friends"

Another great performance over the weekend has to go to Rob Vincent, who was headlining over at Elevator, who were triumphing all things acoustic, and who better to finish their night off for them than Rob. With little gems like, "The Bomb" and "November" to capture and hold the attention of the audience, Rob Vincent creates a warm atmosphere with his country/folk music style and his smooth vocals ebbing over every note, throw in his personality and you have one hell of a performer, that you can listen to for ages.

Sunday saw a wind down to Threshold and a much more chilled out ambiance everywhere. With an arts and crafts workshop running at Camp and Furnace, specializing in lots of lovely things for Mothers Day, it had a nice family friendly feel to it, and the folk and acoustic mood helped peoples creativity along, especially from, "Bear Beats Band". Meanwhile over at Elevator, Stevie Banks, certainly knew how to wake people up with a superb performance of a modern day one man band. With his guitar, blasting out and his feet stamping away on a drum pad and his raw vocals, it was great to watch this talented young man perform with such confidence and portray so much talent in his short set.

So all in all, I can say that Threshold Festival 2013 provided one hell of a music and arts extravaganza this weekend, in one of the most friendliest environments I've been to in a while and with so much talent on offer, I only wish I could review them all, but I'd be writing War And Peace, as the talent and variety was so vast. Hopefully we'll be able to get round to you all next year. 

Review by Alison Goggin

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