13 April 2013

Nothing But Noise spearhead a new series called Music For Muted TV

Nothing But Noises

Nothing But Noise spearhead a new series called Music For Muted TV

Nothing But Noise, the trio led by Front 242 mastermind Daniel B, are spearheading a new series called ‘Music For Muted TV’.

The series is being curated by Daniel B and released through Future Noise Music. The first release is white 10” vinyl limited to 300 copies, which features two new compositions by Nothing But Noise, both running 11 minutes and 52 seconds and exclusive to Record Store Day.

Post Front 242, Daniel returned to his original analogue weapons with a more cinematic vision. Gestating for many years, Nothing But Noise, which also features original Front 242 member Dirk Bergen, plus Erwin Jadot, finally arrived last April with their acclaimed ‘Not Bleeding Red’ album. It was inspired by the likes of Manuel Gottsching, and Berlin-period Bowie, and created from rare, vintage analogue synthesizers.

These two new compositions strip away beats, leaving a lustrous soundscape recalling the weightless beauty of early Tangerine Dream and contemporary ambient explorers like Emeralds, Oneohtrix Point Never and Future Shuttle.

Nothing But Noise use analogue depth to conjure ethereal frequencies and stratospheric counter-melodies, sometimes underpinned by shimmering pulses. Halfway through side one, the track drops to intricate micro-melodies using stillness as a time-stopping instrument in itself. This distant atmospheric ambience continues on side two, infiltrated by glacial strings to become a kind of subtly majestic space symphony as multi-tiered pulses weave in. The track might even be considered a modern classical masterpiece.

“This music is made to watch TV with the sound muted (volume at zero). It will work well with images from movies or general TV and advertisements” says Daniel, who plans to follow it with further compositions and collaborations.

Mood music has just moved up another level.

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