16 April 2013

Seyi Releases Official Video for Pretender


23 year old UK artist Séyi is back and ready to set the RandB scene alight with brand new release – Pretender. The single is the third drop, off his upcoming Resolution project, soon to be released in 2013.

Hailing from the streets of South East London, Séyi describes himself as a Pop/RandB artist with a touch of soul and you can definitely hear that in his new single. After already making a name for himself in the gospel scene, Séyi decided to head out into the mainstream to break records like no other UK artist has ever done before, with Late Arrival being his first mixtape release back in 2010.

Also part of a production team called SOS and one of the founding members, they have worked with young UK upcoming artists such as PW, Abel Miller and Ghetts.
Not only an artist, but a songwriter with a 2 year track record, Séyi moves between London and Los Angeles regularly, having already worked with artists such as Amplify Dot, Chip, Rascals, Eric Bellinger and the Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian, alongside his production team and his mentor in LA – Harmony (BOE).

Aiming for the stars and beyond, the talented artist plans to come in with an explosion, making timeless music with his team SOS, filled with passion and soul - as his fans so beautifully describe it, and be one of the most recognised UK artists throughout Europe and the US. If Pretender is the shining example of the quality of music that he's bringing out, then Séyi will have no problem in reaching for his ambitions.







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