7 May 2013

Darling BOY - new single 'Oh Roisin!' released 13 May

Darling BOY

Darling BOY - new single 'Oh Roisin!' released 13 May

Darling BOY should really need no introduction. But, for the moment, he does. He is the World's Greatest Modern Musical Polymath That No-One's Ever Bloody Heard Of, who counts among his admirers Andy Partridge (XTC), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Alan-I-Discovered-Oasis-Don't-You-Know-McGee, legendary Britpoppers Dodgy, TV Smith, Vom Ritchie (Die Toten Hosen), Piney Gir and a host of other luminaries, movers, shakers and well-respected music makers.

This boy wonder has just returned from a two-week tour of Argentina and Uruguay with Duncan Reid of legendary punk rockers The Boys and TV Smith, and is looking forward to releasing his thrilling new single 'Oh Roisin!' to follow up his excellently received debut EP 'Air Conditioned Gypsy' earlier this year.

Darling BOY writes great songs. Yep, great ones. He writes from the gut and delivers from the heart. He pens melodies that just plain refuse to leave your head over choppy rhythms that make you clench in all the right places.

Darling BOY is a punk – not in the nihilist or aesthetic sense, but in the perennial-plus-sign-we-absolutely-can-do-that-so-let’s-bloody-get-it-done sense. He is a consummate do-er. He plays guitar, piano, ukelele, drums, bass, mandolin, banjo, pontoon, hopscotch, and Top Trumps. He sings, he roars. He plays around the world with punk legends The Boys, Duncan Reid and Spizz Energi, glam stompers The DeRellas and chamber pop quintet Left With Pictures. His songwriting prowess has been praised by The Daily Mirror, Steve Lamacq, and Gary Crowley. He does all manner of things behind the scenes in the music industry. Darling BOY really does want to be all things to all men, because he believes that these days you can and these days you should.


Wild At Heart, Berlin, Germany - May 15th

Stoned, Leipzig, Germany - May 16th

F├╝rth, Ottogrund, Germany - May 17th

Arnstadt, Kesselbrunnen, Germany - May 18th

Sir William Borlase Chapel, Marlow - May 28th

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