22 July 2013

Be Like Pablo set to release debut single Without The Pain

Be Like Pablo set to release debut single Without The Pain

Be Like Pablo set to release debut single Without The Pain

Be Like Pablo’s Scottish fanbase has grown steadily since their formation one school lunch break (they’re all teachers) a couple of years ago when they decided to begin writing perfect powerpop songs with girl/boy harmonies, Moog synthesizers and overdriven guitars. The self-proclaimed nerds from rural Scotland may make geeky music with lyrics referencing Batman and essay writing but there’s plenty here for all. Be Like Pablo deliver an inspiring lesson in How to Make a Great Pop Record!

On debut single ‘Without the Pain’, featuring a guest vocal from Scottish rapper Kuda, they’ve clearly achieved their goal. Ewen Watson’s vocals are that of a Scottish-tinged indie-pop dynamo, which blend with the laid back flow of Kuda to offer that wonderfully rare occurrence where rap and rock work in perfect unison. The song’s chorus is a cacophony of distortion, hooks and vocal harmony that hits you square between the eyes. Skip to the break for a tale of yearning, lost love and heartache with all the highs/lows, anger and passion detailed through narrative and rhyme.

The original album version of ‘Without the Pain’ is so perfectly indie it hurts and belongs in every indie disco around the globe with shoegazing, pogo-hopping students spilling their union-priced beer over each other and the sweat soaked dancefloor. B-side ‘Love is for the Living’ has a brighter indie-pop guitar sound and lyrics which focus on indecision around a lust vs. love dilemma and further showcases the nerd-rock powerhouse that is Be Like Pablo.

Hailing from the small Scottish town of Forres, famed for its award-winning Scotch pies and floral displays, founding members and brothers Ross (guitars/vox) and Ewen Watson (vox/guitars/keys) along with best friend Jamie Murphy (bass/vox) began work on their debut album ‘The New Adventures’ at Glasgow’s Ca Va studio. Guided by producer Brian McNeill (of charting 80s synth pop act China Crisis) and with new members Andrew Stepien (drums/samples) and Karen Johnston (vox/keys) joining in 2013, Be Like Pablo have become leading ambassadors for embracing your inner-geek.

‘The New Adventures’ has a low-key digital release through Stray Cat Records on August 4th, while single ‘Without The Pain’ and its awesome video take hold of the Internet and airwaves with a release on August 26th.

Be Like Pablo can also be seen playing live this summer at the following:

26th July
Speyfest (Fochabers)

27th July
Wickerman Festival (goNorth Stage)

Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival (Main Stage)

15th July
Ironworks Summer Showcase (Inverness)

7th September
Jocktoberfest (Black Isle Brewery, Black Isle)
Without The Pain Tracklisting
1. Without the Pain (Radio Edit)
2. Without the Pain (Album Version)
3. Love is for the Living

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