17 July 2013

Morning Smoke sweetener with DYWD

Morning Smoke sweetener with DYWD

Morning Smoke sweetener with DYWD

They look great. Very cool without trying. They also have a killer pop song called ‘Blue Ribbons’.

Not recorded but will be on the EP. Ages 18-19 and they can play. They are all at BIMM (Brighton Institute Of Modern Music) in Brighton hence damn good musicians. Max Wright and Milo McNulty, originally from Bath have been writing together for 3 years. My Bloody Valentine meets Joy Division meets Jesus and the Mary Chain in a wall of noise but mixed in with classic pop songs. Described as Noise Pop. They’ve played only a handful of gigs but these include The Great Escape, Moles and The Green Door in Bath. Chris Shaw is a great bass player. Listen to his playing on ‘In Euphoria’, it anchors the band. Isaac Ide is a dervish on drums. These two allow the guitars to soar.

Although still very much a fledgling band, Morning Smoke are clearly in possession of already finely honed skills and craftsmanship. The two tracks here are a sweetener for their EP 'In Euphoria' which is due in October. 'DYWD' roars in on pulsating drums and vocals echoing the grace of Ian Curtis. The song quickly unfolds with a statuesque controlled power recalling the Foals and post-punk heroes Gang Of Four. 'DYWD' straddles the history with a foot alongside PiL, Joy Division et al, but the other is firmly rooted in today. It's a short sharp clarion call to grab your attention.

Following and title-track 'In Euphoria' entices you in with simple, yet beatific piano and singer Milo McNulty's haunting, near baritone voice wrapping you up with almost coital warmth. Then Morning Smoke epicly awaken you from this golden slumber and hit you with a glorious rage of controlled MBV style guitar noise. Already Morning Smoke show depth and knowledge not to fall, Editors-like, before the cliché of the "epic". Instead they show an unexpected maturity and add a sharp, sweet break, before taking you into the truly transcendent. As introductions go, this has to be one of the most memorable. You need to wake up to Morning Smoke.

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