31 July 2013

MusicMafia presents Still Corners

MusicMafia presents Still Corners

MusicMafia presents Still Corners

At the dreamier end of the sub-pop indie movement are Still Corners, whose songs float along on a blissful wave of synths and vocal melodies.

The London duo of producer Greg Hughes and singer Tessa Murphy has created an almost overnight appeal of the band with Tessa’s floating vocals complimenting the ethereal sound of the pair.

Recently released album ‘Strange Pleasures’ was aptly named, because to some extent this was an usual success appealing to The XX-crowd, lovers of minimal electronica and indie vibes.

Late last year Pitchfork Media named their track ‘Fireflies’ the Best New Track and suddenly the world outside of London’s East End art district took note.

The album trips between tracks, fused together by ticking drums and shimmering guitars riffs that truly are revelatory within said genre.

Lead single Berlin Lovers steps the tone up a little, probably to capture the attention of every DJ under the sun. Tessa’s lyrics stay light and airy but the track is underwritten by a Eurhythmics style synth which helps it to pack a punch.

The accompanying video’s equally stylish with only momentary glances at the pair, instead focusing around a narrative of two roller-skating teenage loves.

It’s a fitting concept given the sublime songwriting on the track “He turn by desire, He turn by this life, He turn by desire still so young, yeah.”

Article by Robert Anderson

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