19 August 2013

Robbie Cooper releases Human Is Not Alone in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care

Robbie Cooper releases Human Is Not Alone in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care

Robbie Cooper releases Human Is Not Alone in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care

Driven by his own battle with cancer, Scottish musician Robbie Cooper releases a new compilation album, titled Human Is Not Alone on Monday 16th September in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care, featuring tracks donated by a diverse array of bands including Fugazi, The Shipping News, RM Hubbert and Cooper’s own band, Laeto.

Motivated by his own very positive experiences in the hands of Marie Curie Cancer Care -a result of his ongoing battle with a rare and aggressive form of cancer – Scottish musician and Doctor of Psychology, Robbie Cooper was inspired to give something back to this charitable organisation that gives so much to others.

According to Cancer Research UK, someone in the UK dies of Cancer every four minutes. In the late and often most difficult stages of their lives, each of these people rely on the help,  support and empathy offered by those around them. Last year Marie Curie Cancer Care  assisted more than 35,000 people in just such circumstances. The result of that inspiration is Human Is Not Alone, poignantly named after a song by Robbie's own band Laeto. Taking the form of a compilation album and three consecutive concerts across Scotland, Human Is Not Alone aims to unite the UK's vibrant underground and DIY music networks in aid of this worthy cause.

The compilation Human Is Not Alone is released on September 16th 2013, with all proceeds going to Marie Curie Cancer Care. It is curated by Robbie and serves as a retrospective of his work in the Scottish music scene to date, both as a performer and promoter. It will feature tracks from Robbie’s own bands Laeto, Geisha, Iron Crease and American Men and others kindly donated by: Fugazi, The Shipping News, Zu, Fat Goth, Lapsus Linguae, United Fruit, Hey Enemy, Vasquez, RM Hubbert, Titus Gein, Dead Or American, and Macrocosmica.

Of the compilation, Robbie remarks, “I have been fortunate enough to have been in bands with some amazing people since I first started playing drums over 20 years ago. This compilation contains my favourite songs from the four bands with whom I have released music. It also contains contributions from artists that I have worked with at some point or that I have seen live recently and really enjoyed. I’m delighted that the artists who are involved were keen to lend their support. The album includes a number of rare, previously unreleased and exclusivetracks for listeners to enjoy.

Robbie says, “My experiences in music have given me some of the most rewarding and enduring memories of my life and it is my belief that, in an age when music is so often synonymous with crass commercialism and objectification, it can still represent somethinggreat.

Robbie is admirably set about the aims of his compilations album and concerts, which are: Firstly to raise awareness of the wonderful work done every day by Marie Curie Cancer Care and in turn raise money to help them continue that work. And secondly, to give voice to the underground and DIY musical movements in Scotland and show that, far from simply a marketing utensil and commodity, music can still represent something greater to people and benefit their wider community.

About Robbie Cooper: Robbie Cooper keeps a stark, funny, emotional and honest blog about his ongoing experience with cancer which can be read online:

Robbie's online blog contains details about the forthcoming events and compilations as well as Robbie's own direct account of the reasons behind Human Is Not Alone and what he hopes it will achieve. Quotes from the blog are available for wider use.


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