30 August 2013

Sunken Seas to release single Cataclysm

Sunken Seas to release single Cataclysm

Sunken Seas to release single Cataclysm

It's been just over a year since Wellington industrialized space-rock group SUNKEN SEAS released their acclaimed debut album, Null Hour. Over the course of that time, events have conspired not only the shift the dynamic of their sound, but the dynamics of the band itself.

 Cataclysm, released September 6th, harkens on the temperament of the band possibly even  the general mood of a nation post-GCSB.

With Null Hour rooted with political opinion (singles “High Rise” and “Paid Your Price” more overt than others), Cataclysm is Sunken Seas' ossified post-script. Justifiably so – leaders standing down, strongly opposed bills passed through, main sources of export viewed as tainted along with the image of a country. These almost seem to prophesize some form of upheaval, and a violent change to the surface of New Zealand's social fabric. A cataclysm, if you will. Recording, mixed and mastered by the highly regarded Nick Roughan, the challenge met with the group was to expand on what was already an atmospheric series of songs the album presented. Queue more vocal work from Ryan Harte, a dense, cacophony wall of guitars from Luke Kavanagh and an industrial-like timbre from drummer Craig Rattray – marking his last piece of work as a member of Sunken Seas.

The result is twenty-plus minutes of foresight into Sunken Seas' manifesto for their future album  echoing early Interpol and hallowed Kiwi group Bailterspace; the latter Sunken Seas had the  pleasure to open for in February this year.

The first single, “Seesaw”, will be premiered exclusively on from August 26th, before its digital only worldwide release from September 6th through digital stores worldwide.

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