16 August 2013

Tommy Eye releases new album The Fall of Icarus

Tommy Eye releases new album The Fall of Icarus

Tommy Eye’s new independent album ‘The Fall of Icarus’ is now out, available digitally on iTunes and Google Play. Please find enclosed a digipack version of the album, put together with you in mind.

You will realise as you listen to the album that it is packed-full of chart-quality music; both commercial, creative, and friendly for radio play. In particular we suggest you listen to tracks 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8. Fusing the worlds of hip-hop, pop and rock in a sonic barrage of awesome grooves and jaw-dropping rhymes, Tommy Eye's music will have your head nodding and your fists pumping.

With the release of ‘The Fall of Icarus’, week-long online features of the album’s music are taking place on the likes of GRM Daily, LinkUp TV and UKB Magazine thoughout August 2013. In the lead up to the album’s release, Tommy Eye has increasingly started to grab the industry’s attention with music video features on SBTV and Flava TV, as well as getting radio airplay on BBC Introducing shows and local radio.

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