4 December 2013

MusicMafia presents singer/songwriter Elena Larkin

MusicMafia presents singer/songwriter Elena Larkin

MusicMafia presents singer/songwriter Elena Larkin

Elena Maria Larkin was born in Hartlepool at 06.02am on 02.06.97 (which she thinks is quite cool) and is a singer/songwriter.

She first started singing when, aged 14, friends played a prank on her at secondary school and entered her into the talent show.  She played along with the prank and ended up winning the show – accompanying herself on piano to Jason Mraz  ‘I’m Yours’.

Growing in confidence she was soon singing anywhere and everywhere, to anyone who would listen.  Needing an outlet for her ambition she joined Red Dreams and was encouraged to start entering competitions, both locally and nationally, the result of one being the opportunity to record six original songs at London’s Abbey Road.  Some of this music has subsequently been played on BBC Introducing and local radio.

Elena’s written music is a reflection of what she sees and knows and she follows the words she was told by ‘a very wise man’ (she refuses to say who), “knowing and feeling what you are writing about makes it believable, when you write your audience can hear and believe too.”

Elena has an eclectic mix of musical likes and influences.  Ranging from Dolly Parton and Frank Sinatra from listening with her Grandparents, through Phil Collins and the Police growing up around her Parents to now where anything she thinks has good lyrics and a memorable beat makes it onto her playlist.

Because all music is good music to someone, you just have to be open to the possibilities that the next song you hear might just change your life” – hopefully it will be one of hers!

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