27 January 2014

Bruce Springsteen back with new studio album High Hopes

Bruce Springsteen back with new studio album High Hopes

Bruce Springsteen back with new studio album High Hopes

After more than three decades since reaching the top of the charts, Bruce Springsteen, otherwise known as “The Boss”, is right back on top of the Billboard 200 album chart with his 11th album titled “High Hopes”. This is the eighteenth studio album by Springsteen and was released on Tuesday, January 14th

In its opening week the 64-year-old rock star sold 99,000 copies of the album and knocked the soundtrack of the movie “Frozen”, which had been at the top of the charts for two weeks and had sold 87,000 copies last week, right off its perch. When it comes to who has the most number 1 albums, Springsteen is number 3 on the list. In first place are the Beatles’ who boast a mammoth 19 chart-topping albums. In second place is Jay Z, with 13, and then finally Springsteen with his impressive 11.

In 1980 Springsteen released his first album “The River”, and has since produced many chart-toppers throughout each of the following decades, including “Wrecking Ball” (2012) in the 2010’s. This means that Springsteen is the only act who has bragging rights to having achieved a No. 1 album in each of the previous 4 decades, and it is clear that contrary to the lyrics of Springsteen’s 1992 hit “Roll of the Dice” where he starts off by singing, “Well I’ve been a losin’ gambler,” that there is no gambling taking place with his latest offering and certainly no ‘losin’. The closest he’s going to get to any sort of gambling is either by singing his 1998 number, “Roulette” or by visiting “High Hopes” is clearly a winner and Springsteen has certainly hit the jackpot with this album.

Thanks to internet retailers such as “High Hopes” sold extremely well on the internet. offered an exclusive CD/DVD version of Springsteen’s album featuring the entire concert of Springsteen and his E Street Band performing the “Born in the U.S.A” album from start to finish. Internet retailers are responsible for approximately 37,000 copies sold in its opening week - only to be topped by Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories” which was released in May and sold 38,000 copies in its debut week. Further sales forecasts for “High Hopes” does not look too positive, but we will just have to wait and see.

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