13 January 2014

Leona X Releases the Video Ready For This?

Leona X Releases the Video Ready For This?

Leona X Releases the Video Ready For This?

Leona X, four piece rock/hard rock band from Seattle WA released their video titled “Ready For This?"  on January 9th, 2014.   The video was developed in support of their EP titled “Ready for This?"   

The video “Ready for This?” is located on the band’s site at: 

The video was recorded in December 2013 by David Speranza .Leona Marie lead singer of Leona X has a vibrant history which includes 22 years in the business and founding member of Jaggedy Ann the All-Girl Band from Las Vegas.  Jaggedy Ann released "Boiling Point" in 2006 which was recorded in New Zealand and produced by Phil Rudd of the legendary AC/DC.

Jaggedy Ann accolades include two world tours, radio and magazine press,endorsing companies and the premier video “Shot of Gasoline” which received over 16 thousand views on one site alone. The future for Leona X is bright. The band is currently working with Pyrodynamic Media Productions, LLC of Seattle to produce a Jaggedy Ann-Leona Marie documentary.  The spring 2014 will put the band back on the road to reconnect with Leona’s Jaggedy Ann fans in Las Vegas and LA.

Leona X music can be heard at: You can purchase Leona X electronically at all major sites and on Itunes at:

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