5 January 2014

Terry Emm unveils title track of new album Starlight

Terry Emm unveils title track of new album Starlight

Terry Emm unveils title track of new album Starlight

Over the past year Terry Emm has been recording his highly anticipated third album in Birmingham with producer Michael Clarke (Andy Burrows, Dan Whitehouse, Oh! Stockholm) and with acclaimed string arranger Calina De La Mare (Tindersticks, Sophia). The title track of which can now be revealed as ‘Starlight’. 

I met Michael (Clarke) when I was younger” says Emm who’s last collaboration with Clarke and De Mare “Loved And Never Lost”, also to be on the forthcoming album, gained critical acclaim and airplay on BBC 6 Music. “I was a fan of Michael’s band ‘Clarkesville’ and their album inspired me a lot with its mix of uplifting pop rock tracks and singer-songwriter style tracks” adds Emm. “After finishing my last album “Petals Fallen Off The Sun”, I was trying to get out of quite a dark place which that album reflects and kept running into coincidences involving Michael Clarke. I found out that he was now producing and so eventually started laying down some experiments with him and the rest is history”, he finishes. 

‘Starlight’ with its intricate almost jazzy rhythmic folk finger picking and effortless soaring strings and English sensibilities refines a style that it seems Emm has been working towards on his critically acclaimed predecessor releases. Talking of the song’s origin Emm says: “I came up with the guitar riff whilst sitting on a park bench in Amsterdam on a friend’s down tuned guitar. Then it came back to me when I wrote some words about the passing of my nan as I thought it had a nice otherworldly, reminiscent feel much like looking back on the life of someone”.  

The new album ‘Starlight’ is expected later in 2014. 

Jan Tour Dates: 

02nd Jan- The Unicorn, Manchester

07th Jan- The Abbey Tavern, London

08th Jan- Dublin Castle, London

12th Jan- Chequers, Brighton

15th Jan- The Font, Brighton

19th Jan- St. Johns Church, Farncombe (2pm start)

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