7 February 2014

Franki Amour's debut UK release Fashion Girl

Franki Amour's debut UK release Fashion Girl

Franki Amour's debut UK release Fashion Girl

The music industry continues its evolution and reformation with each new talent that sets itself as precedence in its genre, opening new avenues of success for both the labels and performers. Franki Amour is a major future contributor to this revolution. Growing up in the roughest inner city of Miami, Florida, a place where deferred dreams are the norm, Franki Amour overcame her obstacles and branded herself as an extremely versatile singer, songwriter that lives and breathes Fashion. Working within the music industry with both major and underground artists, Franki Amour has cultivated her sound and style of music in order to create a fresh and addictive sound that cannot be duplicated…this is her experience.

Franki Amour captivating Fashion that parallel her incredible voice, and is now deemed as one of the most talented female artists out of Florida. She has taken advantage of her songwriting skills to express them in an undeniable way that makes her relatable even to those who may not have struggled. Some would say music seems to be her sixth sense and she has no boundaries when it comes to experimenting with all genres of music, which allows her to continue to bring new innovative sounds to the music industry.

'Fashion Girl' is the debut UK release from Franki, and epitomises her outlandish style, undeniable ability and penchant for creating forward thinking popular music.

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