26 April 2014

Electro Deluxe unveil funky track from new album and announce London show

Electro Deluxe new album London show

Electro Deluxe unveil funky track from new album and announce London show

Electro Deluxe are something of an enigma. A modern day funk band of the highest pedigree made up of seven of the most sought-after musicians on the French music scene. Their inordinate talent has produced some of the most celebrated music both live and on record, though until now only truly cherished in France. Their new album ‘Home’ looks set to unveil France’s best kept secret onto the rest of the world.

Formed in 2001 Electro Deluxe have since evolved from being renowned pioneers of electro-jazz to an energetic cocktail of dirty soul and funk inspired by the mythical Funk Brothers of Motown lore. Now fully entrenched in the groove scene, as the very best studio musicians and collaborators with among others, Universal & Motown recording artists, Ben Oncle Soul and C2C, Electro Deluxe have enjoyed critical and commercial success with each of their last two albums topping the jazz charts in France while performing entirely in English.

In 2010 US born soul singer James Copley found a ‘Home’ with Electro Deluxe and thus the band found its voice. The explosive energy of this raw American, who could vocally be mistaken for D’Angelo or Prince as is the strength and unquestionable soul that literally drips off this unlikely superstar, who looks more like George Clooney or Robbie Williams than your typical RnB lothario, but this music transcends colour. You’ve either got the funk, or you ain’t, and these guys most definitely do got it.

‘Home’ is the result of this original and explosive collective; the fruit of three years of road hardened experience, and overwhelming moments on stage. Their new opus, is very much HOMEmade. The band has worked and sweated over each detail of the process from conception, fabrication, and distribution. ‘Home’ is a HOMEcoming personally and musically for the band. Safe at HOME to express their soul, and to challenge traditions, Electro Deluxe delivers its brand of Soul with a contemporary groove and a unique voice. More Deluxe than Electro, the band have put the machines aside now and have produced this album using vintage microphones, amplifiers, and instruments: Clavinet D6, Wurlitzer, Rhodes...etc.

‘Home’ is an album full of the very best in soul, where the listener is able to delve deep whilst instantly being hooked by its infectious spontaneity, sincerity, and simple raw feeling.

After twelve years of criss-crossing the globe (China, India, Canada, Mexico, Europe, North Africa) and performing at some of the most prestigious festivals (Montréal Jazz Festival, Jazz à Vienne, Cervantino, Solidays, Le Printemps de Bourges), Electro Deluxe are ready for the next step which is sure to break them out of their beloved HOME ensuring the rest of the world can unite in their delectable brand of funk n soul.

The band will be playing in London to celebrate the release of their new album ‘Home’ with a showcase on 10th June at Camden Barfly. For festival dates around Europe including the North Sea Jazz Festival on July 13th and much more visit

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