9 April 2014

L.A. Salami announces new EP and run of nine London dates in nine weeks

L.A. Salami new EP London dates

The ever-enigmatic L.A. Salami has announced the release of a new nine track EP ‘The Prelude’ to be released over a run of nine London dates in nine weeks, each date in celebration of a track from his extensive new release.

L.A.’s charming and wistful story-telling has already found the troubadour an avid audience that includes support from the fashion powerhouse Burberry, as well as features in The Evening Standard, The 405, and on the airwaves of BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC 6Music, BBC London and XFM. As ever the words come better from the songsmith himself, and here’s what he had to say about the new release and series of shows;

I was a young man, starving and smoking and trying to be an artist. I did most of my singing under the creaky stalls in London’s royal court of open mics. Let that settle in, cut my teeth at forgetting my words for the first time some time in the winter of twenty oh nine. Wading home that night, my toes burning, my throat sealed shut, my back door thoughts chasing John Fante up the hill of Sisyphus like a herd of silent laughing tumbleweed, I stopped in my tracks. The time had come to take stock.  Fair weather or foul, certain forces in the world were at work to destroy me.

Lookman Adekunle Salami, I said, hold it. Is everything going according to plan? Are you sticking by your name? The name coincidence conjured up? What have you sacrificed? Have you stuck your head far enough into the lion’s famished gape? 
I decided, no. To be swallowed whole by your intentions is as honest as you can be to fate. This 9 track EP is only an advertiser to honesty. The truth is yet to come. I aim to be able to look you in the eye and tell you that this is who I am. After being lost like a bowing cannonball in the secret courtesys of Xfm radio, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6; after being lost on the pages of the Evening Standard, in the mansions of Burberry Fashion, find me now on nine separate occasions in London, in nine separate locations, over nine hot weeks, one for every song on the EP, being honest.  
For now, come by the river and waste a little time with a brother, the way Otis Redding did, only nothing like how he did whatsoever…

L.A. Salami’s new EP ‘The Prelude’ will be released on June 9th 2014. A track will be available at every show on his London residency with full dates below;


19 Apr  – LONDON – Haggle Vinyl (record store day in-store)
24 Apr  – LONDON – St Pancras Old Church (Mahogany presents)
01 May – LONDON – Hot Pepper Jelly (in-store)
08 May – LONDON – Leyas CafĂ©
15 May – LONDON – Jazz Cafe
24 May – LONDON – Auriol Kensington Rowing Club
29 May – LONDON – The Finsbury
05 June – LONDON – Stoke Newington Studios
12 June – LONDON – Competition winner’s living room


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